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Oromar B.V., leading Dutch company that in addition to scampi (whole scampi, scampi tails, scampi shelled, heads and lobster claws) its top-of-the-range product, can offer sea bass and sea bream origin Turkey and references of the North Sea such as plaice, sole, squid, mackerel, monkfish, soase, turbot, flounder, etc.

They also offer high quality Norwegian salmon.


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Since 1969, Algar Seafood has been dedicated to the processing of high quality fresh octopus caught daily in the sea of the Algarve area. Processed in an artisanal way with sustainable fishing.

Products manufactured using high- technology.

Frijobel has been involved in the trade and production of quality frozen fish since 1988.
With a production capacity of 40 tons per day works with different origins from the world, from traditional Portuguese products such as octopus, sardines to the most important
species of South America, South Africa (monkfish, fillet of cod, octopus Morocco – Senegal – Mozambique, Shrimps Argentina …), as well as steak of blue shark, sword fish, tuna.

They also offer interesting pre-cooked products typical of Portuguese cuisine suitable for alternative aperitifs.

A company specializing in the sale of swordfish, blue shark, tuna and emery origin Spain, Namibia and Vietnam and in the offer of cod Capensis in various presentations.
As well as the pallet sales of these products

we can also offer direct containers from the origin.

Cocimar, in his factory located in Palencia (Spain) combines the experience of decades of good work and product knowledge with its firm commitment to innovation and development

by offering cooked and raw octopus FROZEN or PASTEURIZED using only the highest quality raw materials, coming only from FAO 34 area


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Sword ICE is the superior quality, crystal-clear ice with a perfect cut.
The excellence of Hoshizaki ice-making technology, this is how they create the most loved ice by bartenders and the environment.
They use the latest technology with photovoltaic-powered machinery and non-polluting refrigerant gases, produce their ice with a low melting coefficient, and guarantee reverse osmosis water treatment and frequent quality control processes, using the clear waters of the Anapo River basin.
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